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The Voice of Victory | Physical Art Print | Poster

Designed By Sanna

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The Voice of Victory | Physical Art Print | Poster
The Voice of Victory | Physical Art Print | Poster
The Voice of Victory | Physical Art Print | Poster

The Voice Of Victory | Illustration | Physical Art Print

Bilal Ibn Rabah r.a was a black man who was freed out of slavery, became one of the most trusted & loyal Sahabahs. Bilal r.a’s finest hour came in January 630, an occasion known to be the crowned moments in Islamic history. The Muslim forces had captured Mecca and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ appointed Bilal r.a to call the first athaan.

Bilal r.a ascended to the top of the Kaaba to call the believers to prayer. It was the first calling of athaan within Mecca, Islam's holiest city.

Along with unshakable faith, he was gifted with a melodious & resonanting voice. He became a symbol of human equality in Islam. (his story is worth reading & an important part of our history).

This artwork was inspired by this progressive new beginning. Just let that moment sink in...SubhanAllah. It made me truly love the inclusive, powerful & rebellious heart of Islam even more. A revolution that came to end cruelty, stereotypes, senseless cultural traditions & many other social injustices of this world. Islam forbids oppression & is definitely against racism. That’s something we should be clear on moving forward.



This listing is for a print of my original artwork which is printed on high quality paper, in high resolution and shipped to your home. Watermark will not appear on your print.

Available sizes;

8”x11” prints




Prints will be packaged in a protective cellophane sleeve with backing board. If you purchase multiple prints, please note they will all be packaged in a single sleeve unless requested.


Colours may vary slightly due to different colour monitors. This purchase is for personal use only. Images may not be reproduced or resold. Frames can be found at IKEA: RIBBA.


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