Updated Ramadan Calendar!?

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I heard a speech by sh. Siraj Wahaj a few years ago and something he mentioned stayed with me. 

He said the worst thing a Muslim can do is remain stagnant and be content with themselves as they are as a person.

Not getting worst but not getting better either.

I feel that this attitude is so unhelpful and unkind to my soul.

As muslims we strive for Ihsaan in all aspects of life!

Having deep introspection, a growth mindset and a want to self-improve really brings freshness and meaning in our lives.

I feel the same way about my work as a small shop owner! 

In all transparency, I had no plans of changing the Ramadan Calendar but I frequently received request for bigger pockets (understandably so)!

I kept pushing the thought to the back burner because I was weary of restarting the long and tedious (not to mention expensive lol) sampling process!

Alhamdulilah after much trial and error we have a finished result which only Allah swt gave me the strength to do!

I truly hope you and your family will enjoy it for many years iA!!

Thank you for your continuous support and for helping me grow for the better iA!